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Hi my name is ; the creator and publisher of this here CAKUart Artists Business and Marketing Resource website.

I have been selling my art for many years; made many mistakes, yet exhibited a lot of art, made many sales online and offline, and accumulated quite a sizable customer/collector base in the process.

Don't get me wrong; I don't pretend to know it all.

However, through my trials and tribulations, I have learnt an exceptional amount to do with art marketing and creating art, dealing with customers and much more on the business of art.

"Okay, that's groovy'n'all, Carl... enough about you yeah, what is this site really all about, geezer?" I hear the guy at the back hollering.

Way back in 2007 (remember those days, eh) I launched this CAKUart site to promote my own art using the SBI website building platform, but it quickly evolved into something equally important... if not more important.

I received a lot of feedback and questions from other artists wanting to know how I went about promoting and selling my art (they also commented on how good my art was/is.. ahem...just thought I'd put that bit in for prosperity, like).

Today CAKUart is a super friendly art community and information website where artists can share ideas, discover great ways to grow their businesses as artists and share in each others experiences.

So what are you waiting for? Go explore this site, share your story, share your art, enjoy hanging out with like-minded souls, and read and study every page of this site until your eyeballs sting!

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