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What Is Abstract Art?

Abstract art does not necessarily require any formal tuition in order to create quality work, but like any quality art form; it requires a certain degree of discipline to produce.  

I think the best definition is; a creative way of expressing a modified view of the world and its objects by simplifying or complicating the use of colour, shape and form.


Abstraction is different to a lot of more tradition styles of art because it is more focused on the use of imagination or ideas expressed through emotion.  

Midnight Jazz - Abstract Art
"Midnight Jazz"
Original Art by Carl (CAKUart)
Acrylic on Canvas - 91.4 x 91.4


A lot of good abstract paintings offer people quite a different representation of life. For example...a view that is removed from the reality that we are all quite familiar with. 

It is an art form that is created in quite a non-representation way.

 Tulips - Abstract Flower Art
Original Abstract Flower Art by Carl (CAKUart)
Acrylic on Canvas - 101.5cm x 76.2cm

I think there is a real power in terms of making a connection with people, if the artist has applied discipline and worked from a authentic form of creativity and expression.  

Whether it be through the use of colour, a mixed media form, figure or shape manipulation...what makes any given piece of work its true essence in the opinions of the buyer/onlooker is its ability to connect and stimulate. 

Is It More Creative Than Other Art Forms?

I'm not really sure...particularly when you consider some of the less appreciated forms of "crazy abstract art" that quite often don't really have an audience or connect with us on any level. 

But abstraction is an art form that is ultimately derived from taking nothing and turning it into something. 

Abstract Art by Carl
"Let's Get Together"
Original Art by Carl (CAKUart)
Acrylic on Canvas - 76.2 x 76.2 cm

It is a creative interpretation of taking something that is merely a thought and producing it into its physical form... such as onto a painting canvas.

I personally think that art is creativity; therefore no one form of art could really be more creative than another form of art... could it? 

It would almost be like saying that a song is better than a painting. They are two different forms of art yet they equally require a certain degree of creativity in order to be brought to life. 

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