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 Tips on Selling Your Artwork At Art Shows
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Promoting your art for sale at art and craft shows is definitely an avenue you should consider as part of your overall artist marketing plan. 

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Not only does it give an artist a means to explain their work to the public in the flesh, its a great way to start building your confidence by making some immediate sales.

This page is dedicated to helping you make the most out of exhibiting, marketing and selling your art at art fairs, festivals and outdoor shows. 


Tips For Selling Your Art At Outdoor 
Shows and Festivals

How To Eliminate Buyers Remorse
Do people really suffer from buyer's remorse when it comes to buying art? What can you do to reduce it?

Juried Art Shows
Juried shows can be obscure environments, but they can help to bring broader attention to your artwork and to you as an artist. 

Planning and Preparation 

Below are some tips to help you plan and generally prepare yourself for art shows...

How To Create a Successful Art Show Display
At the end of the day, you participate in art shows to sell your art. In order to sell your art you first have to be able to encourage people to enter your exhibit stall.

How To Be Confident Selling Your Art at Shows
One of the biggest problems for an artist, in the beginning, is building that confidence in their work. This article will help you with discovering that confidence within your work. 

Insuring Your Artwork
Insuring your artwork for art and craft shows is important; to protect you from any liability associated to loss or damaged artwork.

Accepting Credit Cards
You may lose sales if you do not have a way for accepting credit cards.


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