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What Is Art Journaling?

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Art journaling is documenting a mix of illustration and the written word. It is a way of incorporating language and visuals as a means of capturing deeper expression.


This type of art and documentation helps to create more of an insight into the world that exists in the eyes of the artist creating the work.

It is not about being precise; in fact in many respects there can often be a lot of questions being asked through the art by the artist. It is kind of like a record of the thinking process that is taking place in the artists' mind.

When I was travelling some years ago I kept a travel journal that was basically a series of day to day notes accompanied by illustrations and pictures that I either drew or pasted into my travel journal. It was a great way to creatively experiment as well as keep a detailed record of my adventures around the world.

Journaling your art is not really about focusing on an outcome or a result. It's somewhat of a never ending work in process; that is what gives this type of art it's unique appeal.

Many artists, including myself, keep a traditional art journal; where we scribble our concept ideas into.

A lot of my images and drawings have little ramblings in and along side the pictures I draw. These are often great as reference notes; that can be utilised to enhance the expressive nature of producing a new painting.

As you may know, I'm a traditional artist (paint on canvas) therefore I am not really an expert in this particular field of art. However, I do know of some folk that I am only too happy to recommend as your guide(s) to further study in this area of creativity...


Art Journaling Blogs & Reference Sites


 Art "You Tube" Journaling


One of the best ways to appreciate how to create an art journal is from a visual perspective; and there is no better place on the web when it comes to informative videos than You Tube.

Go check out all the links I have provided on this page and explore all the possibilities associated to creating your very own art journal.

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