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How To Create a Successful
Art Show Display

© by Carl (CAKUart); all rights reserved

If you want to massively increase your confidence at an art show and REALLY entice people to enter your exhibit stall, then make sure your art show display is as close to brilliant as you can make it.  


At the end of the day, you participate in art shows to sell your art. In order to sell your art you first have to be able to encourage people to enter your exhibit stall. 

From my experience you have about 3.4 seconds to capture the attention of people wandering past. Not long huh. Therefore, your art show display needs to be appealing enough to entice people to want to enter and take a closer look at your work.

Your art show display needs to cater for great traffic flow, be free of clutter and it needs to be set up to properly represent your art for maximum appeal.

Most importantly try to add some character to your art show display. Try to arrange it so it represents the characteristics of you as an artist while enhancing the appeal of your work at the same time. 

Establish Your Art Show Display Layout  

Art Show Display

The first and most logical way of assessing how you are going to set your art show display up is to practice setting up your entire arrangement at home before a show.

A practice set up will quickly help you to distinguish where there are potential congestion areas in your exhibit stall and allow you to make the necessary adjustments in order to open your display up to better cater for traffic flow.

The last thing you want is your exhibit visitors feeling intimidated because your exhibit stall is difficult to enter and difficult to exit – so focus on making the entrance to your exhibit stall as wide open as you possible can.

A few more things to consider when establishing your exhibit stall layout:

  • Create a centre of attraction somewhere in your exhibit stall. It could be that you decide to hang your best or more expensive work on the front panels to provide a lot of emphasis on the quality of your work.

  • Regardless if people can afford these pieces or not, it will help to validate your other pieces and entice people to venture through and consider purchasing other pieces that suit their range of affordability.

  • Allow reasonable space intervals between your pieces. When you have art too close together it becomes difficult for your visitor's eye to make a clear contrast from one piece to the next.

  • Be imaginative with your exhibit stall. Use colours, props and lighting to suit your artistic character. You don't need to be formal if formal is not your thing. Try to make your exhibit stall look active and exciting.

  • Don't be afraid to try different layouts. After all, you need to establish a layout that suits your style and size of art. Just remember to focus on traffic flow.

  • Your art must be the primary focus. Set up your exhibit stall layout so that your art is the first thing that people notice. Avoid using cheap display items as this could well effect the perceived value of your art.

Art Display Stands

Art Dsiplay Stands

Art display stands really help to give your exhibit stall a professional look. They are also great for being able to hang your work securely for maximum appeal.

Personally, I think art show display panels are the best look. They really help to enhance your art (take a look at propanels.com for example).

If you opt to go for metal mesh panels, consider covering them with some kind of hessian material. It helps to break down the cold "metal griding" look that most mesh panels tend to portray.


Lighted Art Display

If you really want people to see your art for what it is then organise to have power hitched up to your art display stall. My tip is to keep it simple to begin with.  

Buy halogen lighting – it is the best by far. It provides a brighter light than most standard bulbs, and it will give your art a much truer colour representation.

The best option is to go for track lighting – that way you can adjust each light to point directly onto your art show display panels and/or each piece of work you have on display.

You don't really need anything fancy to mount your lights. In fact all I use is cable ties to mount my lighting to the centre of my art display booths framework. Cable ties can hold a lot of weight and they are generally heat resistant.  


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