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It goes without saying that if you are serious about your art in this day an age, then having a website to showcase your work is a fundamental component in order to acquire a solid presence online.


When it comes to designing and building your website, you need to bring forth the "marketing artist" in you.

What you ultimately should be focusing on when building your site is to visually and fundamentally cater for the type of person who would be interested in your work.

So in order to avoid your site being one of those art sites that were built purely to impress rather than inform...

...I encourage you to try and answer this question:

What is the purpose of your website and who is your target audience?

I realise that at first glance... the answer to the first part of that question may seem quite obvious.  

But here's the thing…

Some folk don't necessarily want to build an e-commerce site to sell their products to online traffic. 

In fact… you may simply want to build a display site or a site that "informs" your audience as to a location where you have regular exhibits.

You may simply want to capture the attention of people in your local community about the paintings you have in galleries in your city.

You could very well end up building your site to cater for the interest in your work locally - rather than purely focusing on trying to sell your art via a payment facility on the internet.

Not everybody is passionate about trying to capture a global market. So don't assume you need to go big.  There are businesses who have become quite successful as a result of promoting to their local communities via their website.


Resources and Tips For Building Your Art Website 

Why I Use Site Build It To Build My Art Business
I was looking for a reliable platform to build my art site. I was frustrated. Building a site, for me, to promote my art biz, had become quite a chore and I was totally over it.

A Website Won't Sell Your Art, But Building A Business Will
How much joy and satisfaction  - not to mention "recognition" – would you feel or receive if you could sell your art not just on the fly, but on a regular basis?  

Artist Portfolio Websites
Don’t want the hassle of building your own artist website? Then why not hand over the responsibility to a qualified Webmaster. Listen to my interview with webmaster Tanya Fraser who builds portfolio sites specifically for artists!

Artist Website Design
Your artist website design and structure needs to be appealing but not flashy. Here are some tips to ensure your website has the right key components. 

Recommended Web Site Hosting Services
If you are really serious about building a site for business longevity, then it is important to consider your options when it comes to hosting your art website or art blog.

Copyrighting Your art Images
Copyrighting your art images with a watermark may seem important for the artist wanting to protect their ideas and designs, but is it really worth it?


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