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Hi there,

I’m Carl (caku-art.com’s creator and publisher - that is me with some kind of kooky green cocktail drink).

It is always cool when you can display your art for all to see.

But the problem for many artists promoting their artwork on the internet is getting traffic to their website (many artist websites are simply lost in cyberspace).

There are so many amazing artists out there, and it is my goal to help as many as I can to get more people looking at their work.

I don’t want to see your creative energy being overlooked. I get a LOT of traffic to this website each and every month and I want to share some of that traffic with YOU.  

Hey, even if you are already a super popular artist I encourage you to submit your artwork to the CAKUart Art Gallery page. Your knowledge and expertise will potentially help to inspire thousands of artists worldwide; not to mention capture the eye of art buyers and collectors who visit this website.

All art photos and artist information will be made available for everyone to enjoy. Also, if you have some great tips and advice for other artists; please incorporate that into your submission. 

You will also be able to come back from time to time and view the CAKUart  gallery and admire other artists work  - so let’s make it an inspirational environment for every one putting their art out there on show!


**CAKUart Featured Artists Submission Guidelines **

  • Only submissions with BOTH ARTIST WRITEUP AND PHOTO will be eligible for the featured artist gallery.

  • Each photo of art submitted MUST be original and MUST be artwork that you produced personally.

  • The artist write-up must be original and cannot be copied from any other source.

  • You may submit up to 4 photos. So you can upload four different pieces of work if you like. Each photo MUST be of your artwork only and not any unrelated topic (i.e. you painting, you at an exhibit, your uncle Albert juggling empty beer bottles, Aunt Martha yelling at Uncle Albert for juggling empty beer bottles in the kitchen etc)

  • The categories are Oil, Acrylic, Watercolors, Pen and Ink, Photography and Mixed Media. So if you work with any of these mediums you can submit your work!

  • Submit a video of your artwork. You can also upload a video of your artwork or of you producing your art, and upload it to you tube and send us the link. Please make sure the video clip can be embedded so we can feature it on the site alongside your art pics.

  • In your write-up please explain who you are, how long you have been an artist, what inspires you to create, and if you can provide some useful tips for other artists please do so, and provide any other information that you would like to share.

**Preparing Your Images**

Preparing your artwork photograph for our featured artist gallery will help us get it online faster and also make your art look its best.

Resizing your images: Your artwork photo will be automatically resized once you upload it. However, we suggest that you crop and resize your images beforehand so that you ensure your costume photo looks exactly the way you want it.

It's best to resize your photo to 400 pixels width. When resizing the width, make sure to keep the 'aspect ratio' of the height so that the image isn't distorted.

Cropping your images: To crop your image(s) so that your art is centered and large, you can use your own photo editor (such as Photoshop) or this easy-to-use online photo editor.

Here is an example of an image before and after being cropped:

Before Being cropped and edited...


After being cropped and edited...


We totally dig featuring videos of how your artwork was made and of you the artist "in action". If you send us a link to an online video, like YouTube for instance, we will re-upload the video and feature it on our site.

Important: Don't forget to add your email address on the next page (after pressing the "Submit" button below) so that:

  1. We can send you a confirmation email when your artwork submission has been approved.
  2. You can receive updates when visitors ask questions or comment on your featured artist page.
  3. We can notify you if people inquire about your work from the CAKU-art site.


Ready To Be a CAKUart Featured Artist?

Submit Your Artwork Photo(s) and Artist Write-Up Here...

Title Of The Artwork and Medium Used...

To make the process easier for us, please start with the title first then the medium.
For example, "Self Portrait - Oil On Canvas" or "By The Seaside - Acrylic on Canvas Board" etc. Thanks for that!

[ ? ]

Upload Up to 4 Photos. At Least One Picture is Required...[ ? ]


Click here to upload more images (optional)

Author Information (optional)

To receive credit as the author, enter your information below.

(first or full name)

(e.g., City, State, Country)

Submit Your Contribution

 submission guidelines.

(You can preview and edit on the next page)


Have You Seen Our CAKU-art Featured Artists Gallery?

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Golden Landscape - Oil on Canvas (180x85cm) 
I am a full time Melbourne artist in Australia, I have been playing around with paint brushes since an early age and love creating artwork. This piece …

Shutterbug 2009 - Ink on Paper 
Shane Watt is a contemporary artist based in Montreal, Canada. Best known for his semi fictitious, multimedia maps, Watt has exhibited both locally and …

"Reaching For The Sky" Acrylic on Canvas. 
Hi, or should it be G'day. I live and work in the Georgian coastal town of Lymington, England. With beautiful beaches bordering the Solent to the South …

"Seaview" Acrylics on Canvas  
As a boy I hated learning and spent most of my time playing truant from school. One night in 1985, tragedy struck, and I was knocked down by a car …

Feline - Digital Art Print 
I am a freelance digital artist. I have been working with imagery for several years, learning my craft and experimenting with different designs and …

St. Francis, Oil on Canvas, 40"x30" 
My life has been an amazing ride. My creative ride started with music, and like the J. Giels song says, I must have got lost, somewhere down the line. …

"Lakota Ghost Dancer" Oil on Canvas 
I am a self-taught artist, learning portraiture from my mother at a young age. She taught me how to draw using charcoal and I'm still in favor of charcoal …

"Self Discovery" Acrylic On Canvas 
My name is Glenda Freeman. I am a self taught artist. I was born in Chonburi, Thailand on November 17, 1971. As I reflect upon my life, I think about …

Breach 1 - Acrylic on Deep Gallery Canvas Not rated yet
I am Malcolm Barker from Victoria, BC Canada. Not being one bent for lessons I began my artistic journey more by "trial and error" and not to mention the …

"East End" Oil On Canvas Not rated yet
Look, I realise some people may be thinking; “Hey where does this guy get off posting his art in this featured artists gallery?” and they’d be well within …

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