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The Best Way To Sell Art 

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The best way to sell art is to avoid looking for the best way to sell art. In other words, it’s better to avoid the "opportunity" mindset because it does not provide you with any true continuity as an artist promoting your art for sale.


The thing is, there is "no best way" because there are so many ways to sell art, and in essence, they all produce results. But each avenue requires an equal amount work.

For example:

There are many artists who are selling art quite successfully on ebay, and they will naturally tell you the best way to sell their art is on ebay. But they will also tell you that you need to be patient and committed.

Artists who mainly focus on outdoor shows and art festivals will tell you they've achieved continual results for selling art by getting out into the public arena, where their art is directly exposed to passing human traffic.  

But they will also tell you that you need to know how to interact, be able to provide a range of art to suit people's budgets, and know how to physically display art for maximum appeal.  

A Plan For Selling Art

The best way to sell art is to have a marketing plan.

There are many avenues you can pursue in order to sell your art. But if you are just starting out and asking yourself, "What is the best way to sell art?' then perhaps consider that marketing and planning is a great place to start.

Having a basic plan will save you from spreading yourself too thin through trying every conceivable way to sell your art. If you fall into the trap of trying everything, you will lose heart, money, energy and time.

It's important to establish a way to sell your art that is the most enjoyable and perhaps challenging for you. I won't say comfortable, because creating and selling art is never going to be comfortable. It is always going to be challenging – that is the nature of the industry.

The best way to sell art is through pursing the path that consistently focuses on trying to meet your overall expectations.

In other words, the best way to sell your art is to work in accordance to your overall marketing plan. Create one and stick to it. If you do not have a plan, you won't know what you are actually trying to achieve. This tends to encourage an artist to try anything and everything, which can lead to a lot of frustration.

I'm quite certain you have heard the term "frustrated artist" used by many people. A frustrated artist is the artist who keeps trying everything inconsistently (wink).

If you break it down into categories, such as, "What is the best way to sell art online," or "What is the best way to sell art at outdoor shows and art festivals," it will help with your overall focus. But the fact remains the same; you still need to go in with a marketing mindset to save you from straying and wasting a lot of time, money and energy.

If your focus is to promote your work for sale on the Internet, then start with the end in mind and work backwards. Most of all, keep it simple. Be consistent and follow your plan. If you do that you'll have a lot more time to do what matters – creating art.

Likewise if you are going to get started with outdoor shows and art festivals - or the gallery representation route - then, create a plan. Keep it simple and free from airy-fairy dream like delusions for seeking fame.

In all, avoid seeking the "What is the best way to sell art" mindset. Create your own way, because it is really the only way that exists. Keep in mind that whatever ever way you do decide, will take just as much patience and commitment as the path you decided not to try because it appeared to be too much work.

Each path requires you to commit to solid work, but if you follow your plan it will be a challenging and satisfying journey. Attempting to tread every path will simply exhaust you and your resources.

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