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What Is All This Contemporary Original
Painting Stuff All About?

© by Carl (CAKUart); all rights reserved


Contemporary art means anything that is current or any art that is being produced now in this day and age. Typically that can be anywhere from the late 20th century (the 60's and 70's) into the present day being early 21st century.


So as any contemporary original painting ages it loses its title as being contemporary modern day art and falls into the "historical" category.

Contemporary Original Painting
Gratuitous Girl (SOLD)
Contemporary art  by Carl (CAKUart)
Acrylic on Canvas

The thing I find slightly ironic about "modern art" (1800's to 1900's) is that its categorised as "art history" by a consensual agreement between art critics. 

Modern art has also been regarded as art that has been produced by artists no longer living. But... that's not to say that modern art can't be art produced by an artist still living and for whom was involved in the modern art era. 

Contemporary original art has often been classified as art that has not yet reached the "historical status" that is associated with modern art, but will more than likely be recognised as being so eventually. 

So does that mean I'm "polishing my trophies" in front of you and bragging that I'm the next big thing by filing some of my work in a "contemporary" category? 

No not really…at least that is not my intention.  

My intention merely is to help you, with your permission of course, to appreciate and understand the definitions of art in order to develop a greater confidence and appreciation for knowing what you like.  

Most contemporary artists of today will fall into the "post-modern" category as apposed to the "modern art" category based on the idea that they will eventually be regarded as artists of historical value. 

I've heard it said that contemporary art work is somewhat of a continuation of the modern art area, which is actively posing new questions, exploring new paths and searching for different definitions in art. 

I suppose in some respects contemporary could mean a transition period before a new movement is about to take place. 


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