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"East End" Oil On Canvas

by Carl (CAKUart)

East End - Oil On Canvas

East End - Oil On Canvas

East End - Oil On Canvas On The Beach w/Mooshy - Oil On Canvas Fun On The Beach - Oil On Canvas Wide Eyed Boy - Oil On Canvas

Look, I realise some people may be thinking; “Hey where does this guy get off posting his art in this featured artists gallery?” and they’d be well within their rights to wonder why.

After all, as the creator and publisher of this website, it may well look like I am polishing my own trophies by sneaking my work up alongside the other amazing artists who have begun showing their work here.

But the truth is, I don’t do it to show off, but more so to show that I am much like the artists who are posting their work here.

I am merely submitting some of my work as proof that I am not some kind of “Wizard of Oz” guy behind the curtain, and to extinguish any potential opinions that I may be trying to appear to be too good, too “evolved as an artist” (yawn) to post my work on a “heaven forbid” community art website like this (wink).

But most importantly of all, I posted my work here because as someone told me, “You seem more approachable” for doing so. I hope so anyway.

After all, I make more mistakes that anyone I know of, so I’m far from being a guru.

You can learn more about me and my art by heading to the “about” page on this site.

Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it.

But more importantly, go check out the other artists in the featured artists gallery of this website. Leave your words of encouragement and express your interest in their work by using the comments tool.

Strength and honour


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