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Identifying Artist Signatures

© by Carl (CAKUart); all rights reserved

Identifying artist signatures is certainly a lot easier these days thanks to our ability to easily access information over the Internet.


In fact I have spent some time perusing over a site called Artist Signatures – A Lifetime Of Research By John Castagno".  

John is quite honestly a human dictionary for identifying artist signatures. His personal story is something you need to read as well – it really is very inspiring (I strongly recommend you check out his blog sometime).

As for Johns website? Artist Signatures would have to be, in my opinion, one or if not "the" best research resource that exists on the Internet for researching artist signatures.

If you know of one that is better, please let me know, I am always open to being corrected. But I think you may be hard pushed to find one as extensive as Johns' online resource of information.  

The Artist Signatures website is essentially a comprehensive database of fine art research information that hosts an array of hand-copied artist signature examples.

The great thing about John's site is that you are free to research and look over his artist signature directory until you discover the relative information you require in order to verify that your signature matches the artist in question.

So in other words, you can simply do a free search to see if the artist in question is even listed on John's directory. If so, then you can pay for credits to allow you to view the artists (replicated) signatures.

The same rule applies if you are trying to identify a symbol or a monogram. It is free to view. If you find an artists name that matches your symbol or monogram examples, you can, using the paid credit procedure, view the artists name and relative information.

Artist Signatures categories include:

·  Monograms

·  Illegible Signatures

·  Symbols

·  Alternative Names

·  Common Last Name Signatures

·  Cyrillic (Russian)

·  Prakrit (Indian)

There are 50,000 artist listings and and up to 55,000 signature examples. 

What really helps reinforce John's credentials and give his website even more clout is the fact that he has also written and published ten identifying artist signatures directories (does he even sleep?), which is not surprising when you consider that John has been an art researcher for twenty eight years. He is also a multimedia artist and sculptor himself (Rock on with yo' bad self, John!)


If you have been looking for a truly reliable online resource for identifying artist signatures thoroughly, then hop on over to John's site Artist Signatures

Don't forget that you get free access to the all artist directories in the Artist Signature database. So you can have a good look around without even signing up. 

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