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Keyword Research


Keyword research is something you need to consider when building your art website, especially if you wish to grow your site organically.

I realise I promote the whole aspect of "branding" your self, where I suggest getting yourself out into the public on a social level. This of course helps you drive traffic to your website via use of social media sites such as twitter, facebook and stumbleupon.  

But it's important to consider the essential principals of putting together a successful website so you'll attract visitors through strong keywords also.

Spending some time on researching keywords will pay dividends in the long run.

I am by no means a search engine optimisation expert, but I can translate the important principals of SEO to you so you'll appreciate how it all comes together to increase your marketing position online.

The two videos below, "Researching Keywords For Search engine Optimisation Part 1 & 2" will provide some insight in the purpose of this planning process when it comes to building your website blueprint.



Researching Keywords For Search engine Optimisation Part 1





Keyword Researching For Search engine Optimisation Part 2



Wordtracker  is one of the best tools for researching keywords available. You can opt to use the free version, which is quite limited and will not give you a deep search. Much like the free Google keyword tool I used in the videos above, the free version of wordtracker will allow you to touch the service and scoop a few niche category keywords.

My suggestion is that you purchase a full week of using wordtracker so you can do some solid research for your site, and see if you can't find some keywords with little competition but high demand. Using the paid option will give you a whole lot more variations on your major niche keywords and provide you with some juicy long tail keywords - which can be very powerful if you use them correctly to bring in free organic traffic to your site.

Site Build It in my view, is the best website building platform available. What makes SBI so appealing and so powerful is its solid support network. It teaches you how to build a business and not just a website, and it is equipped with every tool you need to put a website together and to maintain it successfully – regardless if you are complete newbie or experienced veteran.



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