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Keeping Your Painting Ideas Alive

© by Carl (CAKUart); all rights reserved

Stuck for painting ideas? Well don’t be. You don’t have to suffer from "artist block" when you utilise your creativity and take a little action.


Lets have a look at some ways for you to create new art ideas that will hopefully inspire you to take action and produce some great paintings.  

Brainstorm Fun Painting Ideas

Storyboard Your Painting IdeasUse variations on just one art idea. In other words, try to incorporate different angles, colour blends and sizes from the same subject matter.

Doing this can create a whole new batch of painting ideas.

For instance...have you ever seen a one of those storyboard sketches that a director uses as a blueprint for all the different camera angles and scenes that will be shot?

Why not incorporate some fun art ideas by sketching out your own storyboard and using each scene block as the blueprint for a painting.


Try New Painting Techniques and Mediums

Painting IdeasHop off the treadmill and try a different medium.

Always using a paintbrush? Then why not try a palette knife

Using acrylics? Then why not try mixed media or oils on their own.

As an artist we can sometimes fall into the trap of working on autopilot and get a little too comfortable.

Why not try your hand at doing some private commission art. It is a fantastic avenue to look into if you are looking for a method to keep you on your "productive" toes.

If you like to continuously challenge yourself, then this painting idea concept may be the way to go for you.

Record Your Art Ideas In a Journal

Art Journal Painting IdeasKeep a sketchbook on hand at all times.

Jot down written ideas; use it as a place for your doodling, art painting ideas and concept drawings.

If you use your art diary sketchbook enough you'll soon discover that you will have so many art ideas and not enough time to execute them.

Now you would have to agree that is a great problem to have!

Oh and by the way, take it from me…try not to keep your art journal too organised. It's a creativity record journal, not a file cabinet (wink).


Get Some Feedback From Friends and Family

Ask For Painting IdeasAsk people  - friends and family for their input. 

Create a discussion. 

What would have happened if Dennis Wilson had not suggested to his older brother Brian Wilson that he should write surf songs? 

Brian knew nothing about surfing, but his younger brother Dennis was an avid surfer.

 Who knows if the Beach Boys would have existed. 

Sometimes someone very close to you can offer a suggestion that can potentially create some big opportunities.

Perhaps consider that other peoples ideas are an expression of their belief in your ability to produce a quality piece of art. So take it on board and use that as confidence to try something new. When you do… a whole new bag of painting ideas will fall before you.

Music Painting Ideas

Music Painting IdeasInspired by music? 

Music has an incredible way of producing a storyboard in our minds.

Paint your emotional response to what you hear from your favourite musical artist – is it a big colourful sun shaped like a human heart? 

Hmmm… it gets you thinking doesn't it?

Painting to music really gets your energy levels up.

It doesn't matter what style or intensity of music you listen to -- it is a great balancer and in some cases motivates you to produce some artwork you never thought you could create. 


Shoot Your Own Art Ideas

Photograph Painting IdeasGot a digital camera? 


Wander around town and take photos of your surroundings. 

You don't even have to paint each photo as it appears on the print out.

 Why not mix and match the components of all the photographs and see what you can come up with.

Is that a giant apple rolling down the street wearing a policeman's helmet?

You see...you can create almost anything you want to. So mix and match your photos and incorporate those ideas onto your painting canvas. 


Let Your Passion Create Great Abstract Art Ideas

Passionate Painting IdeasI have mentioned this before and will probably keep mentioning it -- get passionate about what you are trying to achieve. 

I really believe that if you can maintain a genuine love and appreciation for what you are painting...you'll never run short of ideas. 

If you plan to sell your art, have found a niche you love and a medium you are confident with then stick with it for a while.

Sometimes spreading yourself a bit thin trying to do everything instead of one thing properly can be exhausting. So if you know your subject and you are passionate about what you are presenting on the canvas then run with it.  

Utilising new ideas is a great habit to get into no matter what your style or genre of painting is. 

In a lot of respects...searching for new art ideas, whether it be abstract art ideas or fine art ideas, is great for developing discipline to challenge yourself and to grow as an artist. 

Remember...do it with passion and have fun!


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