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How To Sell Art Online

  Resources and tips for selling your art online

These art business and marketing tips will show you how to sell art online.


Whether you are using your own website, blog or online gallery community, you can learn to enhance and manage your art business and marketing, and discover how to interact with your clients and customers on the internet.

Tips and Tools For Selling Your Art Online

Selling Art On The Internet
Selling art on the Internet requires determination and the ability to implement some core business principals. Here are my top 5 principals...

Photographing Your Art
Learn some basic tips for photographing your art to ensure that your art is represented well visually for your customers to fully appreciate your artwork.

Building Your Website
It goes without saying that your website is your digital business card. Creating an effective website that is easy to navigate will enhance your visitors buying experience.

Selling Art On Ebay
There is no doubting the fact that selling art on ebay requires some grit and dedication, but it is a large marketplace you can tap for generating a potential client base.

Selling Art On Facebook
When it comes to selling art on facebook using paid advertising you simply must focus on trying to grab the attention of your "target market". Watch the video...

Promote Your Art With Video
Using the online video networks to promote your art is a great way to generate some publicity as an artist.

Keyword Research
Doing your keyword research is something you need to consider when building your art website, especially if you wish to grow your site organically.  

AWeber Email Autoresponder
This article review is to detail why you might require the services of an email autoresponder on your art website or blog, and as to whether AWeber would be the most suitable for you. 

Twitter Marketing
Twitter has become quite popular in terms of being a tool for marketing purposes. Check out this article on Twitter marketing and as to how you can use Twitter to promote your art. 

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