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A Website Wont Sell Your Art, But
Building a Business Will

© by Carl (CAKUart); all rights reserved

Think about this for a moment… how much joy and satisfaction  - not to mention "recognition" – would you feel or receive if you could sell your art not just on the fly, but on a regular basis?


It would feel good wouldn't it?

In order to sell your art online, you need to build a business. But don't let that freak you out. When I say build a business, I mean build your "brand" on your own terms.

Hear me out…

Those shared gallery sites are okay, but if you really want to make your mark, then you need to consider a way that expresses your real passion, shows off your true creativity and represents who you truly are as an artist.   

Sell The Love = Sell Your Art

To claim your piece of turf on the net so people really take notice, you need more than just a website… you need a website that encompasses your business as an artist.

You need something that screams, "Hey all, I absolutely love what I do!"

You also need some "room to move" in a marketing sense.

The Internet is riddled with lifeless artist sites and blogs that don't get much traffic at all. I don't know how many artist websites I have stumbled onto and said to myself, "Could this site be anymore boring?"

I don't mean to sound cruel… but it is the truth. Most of the time it is not even the artists fault. He or she probably paid some so-called expert to build them a website that has no LIFE! Or the artist simply lacks the knowledge to build a successful art website themselves.  

This scenario is all too common, so I really want you to succeed.

The point is, in order to sell your art you need to build a business. And in order to build a business (online) you need to be able to replicate the whole essence of you so that Suzy, who lives in Scotland for example, can appreciate YOU and your art properly when she lands on your website.

To do that you require the right tools and the right "know-how" to put it all together.

Build a Business, Not Just An Art Website

Well... what if you could not only build an art business website, but also learn how to rank well in the search engines, so you can generate free targeted traffic?

So when Suzy from Scotland does a search for "Canadian Landscape Artist" (just an example by the way) your site will show up respectively on the first or second page of Google.

It's totally possible to get good rankings  - I can personally vouch for that.

But let's say Suzy was a gallery owner looking for new works to put in her bricks and mortar gallery.

Sounds even better doesn’t it? And all you did was create free "target market" traffic.

Well… regardless if you are interested in making it easier for gallery owners to find you or not, my point is… if you build the right kind of business with the right kind of tools and with the right kind of know how, things will certainly begin to move for you as an artist.

So perhaps consider being able to sell your art on your own terms. It is absolutely possible. But as I said previously, just having a website is not enough.

You need a website that is focused on you and your business as an artist so it won't end up like all those other artists sites just aimlessly floating around in cyberspace – because you won't get much traffic… and as a result, you'll struggle to sell your art.

So if what I have just said resonates with you, why not consider having a look at these personal stories. These people have built businesses and not just a website - and that is the key!

Power to you and your art.

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