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Share Your Art Content On CAKUart
and Get Exposed

CAKUart.com is all about helping artists in their endeavour to create and sell their artwork. I've done quite a good job of that so far (wink). 

But now, I'd like to turn the tables, and get you to contribute.

I am inviting YOU to share your art photos, stories, tips and tutorials right here on the CAKUart network.

Best part is... you'll gain exposure in the art community - and perhaps even further.

My site receives thousands of visitors every month. 

Pssst... so many other artists are interested in what you have to say.

Each accepted content submission is published on its own page on my CAKUart website, and includes a link to your art website or blog.

(Please follow the simple guidelines to get your content published)

If you're an artist, and you love what you do and have something you can share, honest to goodness, we want to hear it. Please share your ideas, tips, inspirations and struggles.

Share Your Art Content On 
My CAKUart Wesbite

Your Inspirational Stories Sent To Me At CAKUart
When I first built my CAKUart site, I never figured that my site, or I for that matter, would inspire as many artists as I have done. But over time I quickly began...

Share your art article, tip, idea and tutorial etc
Do you have some good tips , ideas or tutorials you can share with the art community that relates to being an artist, art marketing and art business? Then please submit them here. Please include a photo if you want to illustrate your content. 

Overcoming your artist struggles
We all struggle as an artist at some stage. We all have moments of feeling despondent, lack confidence and generally hit a few road blocks on our creative journey. Share your struggle and how you overcame it. Share it even if you are still battling with it! 

Share your art story
Please share you personal experiences as an artist. They can be funny, uplifting, remarkable and intriguing. Go ahead and add your story, read and comment. 

Some Basic Tips and Guidelines To 
Share Your Art Content

  • Your content must fit into the category of art and being an artist.

  • Give us your best content. In other words, allocate some time to really write something great. Remember that people will be reading your content - make a good first impression!

  • No selling allowed

  • The content you submit must be your own

  • Please keep it clean for the family to read (thanks)

  • I (Carl) approve all content submitted, therefore reserve the right to refuse any content that doesn't work in accordance to these guidelines 

What About Copyright When You Share Your Art Content?

Please know that you will always retain the rights to the content you submit; this includes all images and text and any other content you contribute. 

How Will Your Content
Get Exposure?

I spend time on making sure that I create great content pages for this site. I do this by...

  • Adding links to your art business website or blog so people can see your work 

  • Adding my web pages (this includes your content) to RSS feeds for syndication on the web

  • Broadcast your content pages from my site to social media sites like twitter and facebook

  • Submit your content pages to the major search engines 

  • Adding pictures of your work on your content pages

Go ahead and share your stories with us all!

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