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Why I Use Site Build It To
Grow My Art Business

© by Carl (CAKUart); all rights reserved

I remember the moment well. It was New Years Eve day. I was on and off the computer throughout the day as I had things to get ready for that night (new years eve celebrations).


What I was looking for was a reliable platform to build my art site. I was frustrated. Building a site, for me, to promote my art biz, had become quite a chore and I was totally over it.

I admit it – I really wasn't web savvy at all back then. But I wanted results all the same.

I had been with a couple of programs already. In fact one of them wasn't a program, it was just a hosting company that allowed me to host my webpages. I had tried a couple of different artist website design concepts. But I soon realised that "design" wasn't my problem.

My problem was that I wasn't getting any traffic to my site (except say for the people who I handed cards out to at exhibits). 

Additionally, I had spent quite a bit of money on building a site, trying to drive traffic and learning how to actually monetise my site properly.

With each attempt I seemed to be moving further away from my objective.

Also, this was time being wasted when I could have been spending that time on doing what I actually do – which is produce art.

I had perused over this site called SBI (Site Build It) a year previous to my search, and it popped up again on that New Years Eve day.

I never took the opportunity to go with SBI initially, but I can tell you after a year of hype and other shit that kept clogging my email inbox, SBI sounded quite refreshing and LOGICAL than when I first discovered it.

I figured that this was a good enough reason to check it out in a little more detail this time round.

Perhaps the universe was trying to send me some kind of message – and I do admit that on the odd occasion it does take me a few times to see something before I actually understand it completely.

"Alrighty then" I said to myself, "let's have a look in more detail".

So I spent about 3 to 4 hours just studying the entire platform.

Do you know how it feels like when you have just come off a really fast sideshow ride?  You know, that, "Whoa, that was awesome but I am a little dizzy" feeling you get?

Well after studying the Sit Build It platform for a few hours I felt like I had spent the WHOLE day on one of those rides!

The ideas I had pumping through my head after that initial study got me so excited that I was struggling to sit still.

I would go make a coffee. Sit down. Get up. Go outside. Write some ideas down. Try to read some more.

I was too excited to actually formulate anything worthwhile.

I went through almost every single video on the Site Build It information pages, carefully listening to all the testimonials and funny antidotes.  

Check out Jonathon's video below. He is an artist:

After watching the video's I read the "proof of success" page – where it tells you in BIG BOLD writing right at the top – the very message I needed to hear…

It's Not About "Hosting," Not Anymore
It's About the Only Outcome That Really Counts

That was it!

I had been pitched "we are the best hosting service, host your website with us" for a year or so and never really understood that it really wasn't about the hosting at all. It was about the outcome.

It was about getting "targeted" eyeballs to my website - lots of them.

Remember, it was still News Years eve day. And by now I only had a couple of hours before I had to commence the celebrations.

Despite my wife now beginning to remind me, "We have to get ready, Carl"…

I kept reading anyway…

I flipped through the Site Build It action guide and started making notes and creating my blueprint right there and then – even before I had registered a domain with SBI!

I was hooked.  

I admit though - my original blueprint was really crap. I found those original notes and idea blueprints in one of my old sketch books only just the other day. Man, I must have been excited. Too excited perhaps.

That original blueprint was very different to what I eventually created.

But the point was I was taking action. I was trying to create some positive momentum right away - rather than just sit there and BS to myself with, "Oh, I'll make a plan later", because I knew I wouldn't.

I had to get the ball rolling NOW.

The point was though - I knew instinctively that I had found the right environment to begin building something for longevity.

Granted, I have made a few adjustments to my site because as time went on I began to see a much bigger picture – hence why my art site is catered to both artists and art buyers.

Half an hour before we were due to go out and enjoy our New Years Eve celebrations I registered with Site Built It and went out and had a fantastic night – knowing that I had scratched the itch that had been bugging me for so damn long.

Fast forward a couple of years and I now receive thousands of visitors to my website every month. I have never paid for advertising (apart for a brief campaign on Google Adwords and one I had for a few days on Facebook) and the traffic keepings coming.

Here is just one of my monthly traffic stat reports:

That is like; an average of 100,000 unique visitors to my art site annually. AND.. it's growing every month. Pretty cool considering I didn't know what I was really doing to begin with huh (wink).


Some "To The Point" Site Built It Stats For You

Site Built It has been around since 1998. Heck, that’s before I even had an email account! So you can be assured that there is some real stability in their overall structure.

Site Build It allows everyday people to build a real business through their website. 

Site Built It takes all the "tech" work out building a website. In other words, the system it provides you with to build a website makes it so enjoyable to build your business.

Man, you so gotta love what you are doing otherwise it's such a chore aint it? But what is even better is enjoying your business AND knowing that you are going to see results. That's key.  

Here's the thing…

Who REALLY wants to be futzing about trying to deal with tech problems when you are trying to build a business? 

For example, I'm really an artist - not a webmaster. But at the same time, I did not want to spend thousands of dollars to have a webmaster create my site for me.

And now, in hindsight…if I'd had handed over a few thousand dollars to a Webmaster to look after my site for me I would have made a big mistake.


A lot of people know how to build a website. However, not everyone knows how to build a website that generates TRAFFIC!

So in essence I could have potentially paid $2000 to $5000 for a site that was just a site – just a shell, if you will. Instead I opted to go with Site Build It and learnt how to naturally generate my own traffic – targeted traffic.

The kind of traffic that is focused on what I actually provide.

And the best part is that I pay less than one US dollar per day to achieve this – part time by the way.

That is the key.

The folk behind Site Build It (Ken Evoy is the creator of Site Build It - and a great guy as well) know full well that you have other obligations in your life and that you cannot possibly sit in front of a computer all day everyday.

That is why it is designed so you can build your business "online" part time.

If you are an artist you have art to create, right?

If you are a dentist, you have clients to attend to, correct?

And that is precisely what Site Build It teaches the everyday business owner like you and me.  Create a schedule around your day-to-day business so you can build your website part time. 

And did I mention that it really is fun too! That is because absolutely everything you need is made available for you - there is literally not an ounce of guess work required. This of course means less frustration, real productivity and real results. 

Look...there are everyday "stay at home mums" building very successful businesses because they had the ease of using such a solid system as SBI.  

Check out stay-at-home mum Carla's video below:


What you need is a system. A "click-here-do-this-do-that-step-one-step-two" procedure. 

Site Build It provides all that.

Using Site Built It taught me to love the art of building a business on the internet. Their principals of "keep it real" and "keep it simple" are really the essence of what it takes to create a solid presence on the net.

They literally take you by the hand and take you step by step all the way. 


Do The People At Site Build It Offer Much Support?

The forum support is second to none. 

Whenever I had a problem, I went to forum and did a search and I had an answer. If I ever needed some advice regarding my account I simply contacted sitesell support. 

They reply as quick as they can (and their support actually sounds like a human on the other end!).

I will ALWAYS suggest people use Site Build It until I cannot think anymore. I'm not really a ranting looney - I am just passionate about what they provide and how they have contributed towards people being able to literally change their lives.

Does Site Build It take some learning?


Does it take some effort?


But doesn't building a business take some learning and some effort?


But here's the thing. Although you will be building your own business, you won't be building it on your own. That is really important. That way you will never feel trapped, frustrated and feel as though you are not getting anywhere. 

You have a community of like minded people who are all trying to achieve a similar result to your own. 

Residual Income Using Site Built It

If you decide to register your site with Site Build It to build your own website via one of the links on this page will I make a commission?


But here's the thing...

When you build your business with Site Build It I can guarantee that you will want to start sharing it with your friends, family and work colleagues.

And when they decide to build their own business online using Site Build It, then you will make a residual commission for every year that they renew their SBI membership. 

In other words you will benefit by HELPING other people by referring them to the tools and practical education necessary to create their own online businesses.

That is powerful! 

Can you image how that can add up as additional income you can make by simply talking about how you built your business with other people? They will feel your energy, excitement and will want to check it out for themselves. 

And that is all you need to do - is tell people exactly what you are doing. No selling, no pitching. Just helping people by pointing them in the right direction. 

Take it from me - as someone who actually uses SBI. You won't find a better option. I have used a few and they simply do not compare. I sincerely mean that. 

Power to you and your art!


Go Check Out SBI For Yourself and REALLY Build Your Business Online!

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